Perfectly straight


Spanesi Touch

We use the latest technology to insure pinpoint accuracy to bring your frame back to OEM Specifications.

Most late model vehicles feature a unibody design with built in crumple zones for added safety. This creates a whole new dimension in frame straightening.

Our digital measuring system allows us to exact match frame repairs to  the vehicles VIN.

Before we touch a vehicles frame we are able to print out the exact frame dimensions for the specific vehicle.

We can then use our digital touch system to identify every area that needs to be repaired.

Upon completion of the repairs we can print out a final report that shows the repairs, providing our clients' piece of mind.

touch docs

Size Matters

Knights Auto Collision works on all vehicles large and small.  We invest in heavy duty systems capable of handling the most challenging repairs.

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We are not affiliated with an insurance company, rather negotiate with them on our client's behalf.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our collision repair work is covered for as long as you own your vehicle.